When the day becomes a bit wearisome and too much to bear, Lilly eagerly provides much needed soft, furry therapy and helps make our office more of a home.

More importantly, she is the chief agent for distributing bones and disfigured plush animals throughout BDR Design Group for us to trip over. Secondarily, she is our first line of defense against the Axis of Evil, otherwise known as The Postman and Water Bottle Guy. The new age of global terrorism faces an awesome threat, and its name is Lilly. 


Rebel enthusiastically performs his duties as Door Security for BDR Design Group. 


Standing at the ready to perform his version of a pat-down, newcomers dare not cross the BDR Design threshold prior to Rebel’s approval. Don’t let his pint-sized physique fool you, he often controls the table during office staff meetings, waiting for anyone to step out of line, or drop their food, whichever comes first. 

Always ready to land in the lap of someone that needs a hug, he is a great calming source during a rough day, and ready to provide humor at a moment’s notice.